Am I back from the blogging dead?  Well, I don’t really know yet.

The year called 2011 was probably one of the worst years that I can ever remember.  Divorced, depressed, jobless…how do you come back from that?

Now it’s 2012.  I’m still divorced and quite often depressed, but at least I am no longer jobless.

It feels good to write again, and hopefully I will reconnect with some of my old blogger friends in-game and find some new ones.  The goal is to put 2011 far behind me and make 2012…well…make 2012 better.


Dear Blog,

I miss you.  Do you miss me?

Call me…we’ll talk…patch things up.

We’ll see more of eachother.  Return to what we used to have



Not much time to post lately.  Work keeps me busy during the day, and toddler/wife/up-coming baby keep me busy at night.

So all I can really manage at this point is the occasional comment on other people’s blogs.

Hello again, everyone!  Thanks to my forced Twitter hiatus (grrr), I will once again have to rely upon the good ole blog in order to communicate my meager brain ramblings.

So here’s my plan: most likely I will stick to weekly updates, recapping my week in gaming and random mish-mash thoughts.  If something interesting comes up, I will blog about it.  Sound simple?  You betcha!

Coming up this week, Lord of the Rings Online: still truckin’, FreeRealms: launched and loaded, Fable 2: finally got it and The-Beta-Based-on-My-Favorite-Board-Game: TBA.

Curse you, Corporate Fun Police (aka work d-bags whose sole purpose is to block all remotely interesting internet content).

I am now blocked from Twitter at work and will no longer be able to interact with my fellow gamers on a daily basis.

Back to blogging I guess…

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Lately it seems like a lot of the blogs that I visit on a regular basis are having trouble with their graphics card failing.  And it looks like I’m close to joining them.  What I can’t put my finger on is why so many and all at the same time?

It could be that today’s games are pushing the latest wave of video cards to the limit and causing them to burnout faster.  Faster/more processing, more heat (from all parts), more electricity; you name it.

But it can’t solely be the games.  Some bloggers rarely touch a game with heavy graphical loads, and their card is still failing.  Could it be the complexity of today’s video cards?  Some of these puppies are huge with loads of memory, giant fans, and their own venting.  As with anything, the more complex they are, the more there is to go wrong.

A decent graphics card is not cheap.  At $200 a pop, your average gamer is not looking to replace their card every year, but at the rate they’re failing, it’s beginning to become more common.  My current card, a GeForce 8600GT, is less than a year old.  I do NOT want to replace it already, but if I want to play my MMO’s I have no choice.

So what is the real issue?  Is anyone else noticing this trend?